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Dear Friends and Family: As you know, I don’t usually send out e-mails or Facebook posts schilling for companies. However, I did want to pass this information along to you all about TekNet Computers. We have used them in our office for several years now. They always do a great job, in a timely fashion, and always work with us to keep costs down. I highly recommend them for your personal or office needs. As we well know, times are tough, and we all can use every referral we can get. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

~Laura (Office Manager) Edward B. Chatoian Law Offices 


"Dear Ray @ TekNet Computers,   My husband and I both agreed that for everything you did for us, $189.00 was not adequate compensation.  We hope you enjoy the enclosed gift certificate as a token of our sincere appreciation for your excellent service.  We were so impressed as was everyone we told our story to.  You performed a miracle for us in 31 hours!  Not only did you get us back up and running, but you also took care of my "Wish List" (Anti-virus, new adobe reader, internet explorer issues, etc.).  You did all this graciously on a Saturday, working late into the night and on a Sunday!.  Thank you also for patiently answering all my questions and not making us feel bad about having outdated hardware and software.  Warm Regards from your new local fans"

~Joanne LaSalle (Owner) La Salle Farms 


 "Thank you guys for everything! So much better! And more fun!"

~ Dan Martinez (Owner) Painter's Plus


"I will talk you up with anyone I come across that needs tech support. Your willingness to serve people will make you very successful. Thanks again - I can't tell you what a relief it is to know such a competent professional is in our town!!"

~ Randy Mehrten


"TekNet Computers really brought me out of the Dark Age's At first when calling I felt intimidated to ask questions and Raymond Kaitangian (Owner) really simplified things for me in way that I could understand and Improved my Technical knowledge. I have and would recommend TekNet Computers to Family, Friends and Business Colleagues. Thank you Raymond!"

~ David Amyx


"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kaitangian - It is my pleasure to commend TekNet Computers on the exceptional competence and reliability of the service you have provided to U.S. Rack, Inc.. We have made use of your services for well over a year now and I am more than satisfied not only with your technical expertise but with the proactive approach you have taken to secure our vital network. I am pleased that you have always sought to propose and implement solutions that keep the U.S. Rack net running smoothly, securely and at a reasonable price. I am most pleased, however, that when our network, the heart of our internet business, has been under attack, you have always been there day or night to fend off or swiftly deal any of these problems.  Everyone should have a service provider of your caliber. Best wishes."

~ Christopher Green GM/CEO U.S. Rack, Inc.


"We trust TekNet computers with all of our needs. Between Natalie and Ray, we know if we have an emergency they will do whatever they can to get our issues resolved and always follow up to make sure we are satisfied with the service they provide. We have recommended them to friends and have recieved nothing but great feedback from them as well."

~ Financial Networking Corp.


Raymond and Natalie Kaitangian have been a blessing to our company these past two years. Raymond was instrumental in setting up and helping with our configuration on our Point of Sale software when we opened up our new floral wholesaling business. He has also maintained and troubleshoots our computers whenever we encounter a problem or have questions on certain applications. I can count on his integrity and thoroughness to get the job done.  Natalie put together a fantastic website for us specifically targeted for our wholesaling business. With her team of programmers she set us up for web sales integration and inventory accountability. When we're ready to open it up I am confident that it will be just what we need. Reliable, friendly and thorough our just a few words that come to mind when a person asks me about Teknet Computers. I would highly recommend them for all your computer needs.

~ Brice Kim / President of Innergreen, Inc.